what’s going on!

October 6. Fall is a busy time of year for Welcome. For our publishing list, we’re deep in publicity and marketing for Fall 09 titles…tons of activity on SLOW: Life in a Tuscan Town. We’re chasing special sales, confirming print quantities and sending out materials to printers on spring titles (10th anniversary edition of Little Big Book for Moms, My Mother’s Clothes….). We are finalizing our Fall 2010 list, sending out contracts, running p&ls, shaping and thinking about these new books, arguing over who’s going to oversee or design what!  Things can still be added or dropped but right now we are excited about another book from Douglas Gayeton, 2 potential food related books by new creators, a Bob Dylan photography books, and another book from Paige Peterson and Chris Cerf to follow their wonderful BLACKIE. We have deadlines out to our creators for materials and will wrestle materials into focused sample spreads and sales materials come November. Summer 2010 materials will go to printer in these next few months (Napa, Canyons Mini edition, My Best Doggie…). Things start to get crazier early part of year leading up to complete craziness as Fall books go to printer April/May…a little bit of a breather over summer to lift our heads and reflect and be inspired again and it all starts again!!! Add this into the producing and packaging part of Welcome’s business…it is incredible that Welcome’s been at it for almost 30 years. We LOVE what we do: working with creators and publishing/producing beatiful books to satisfy the senses and the mind. Nothing beats holding a newly printed Welcome volume in your hands. Keep an eye on us! Alice


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