An Interview with Lena

Lena just did an interview for Commitment that is full of wonderful, engaging things to do with the Internet-addicted generation of grandkids. She’s discussing our Little Big Book for Grandmothers but now she can put all of those perfect tips to use! This is what she has to say about brand new baby George: 

On September 22 my oldest daughter Natasha and their husband Gabe adopted a newborn. His name is George after my dad (playwright and director, George Tabori). With a shock of black hair, 8lbs, 9 oz and 20” long, he has now arrived in New York peaceful and astonishing. She knows things I didn’t know as a mother — swaddling, not allowing him to sleep on his stomach— and has things I never had — pampers that are designed not to irritate his umbilical cord, a stroller that comes apart to be a car seat or a newborn’s bed. Too much stuff, I am fairly sure but still some remarkable things.

My favorite bit of advice from the interview? “If you have love and kindness and truthfulness and integrity in your life, no matter what gets taken away, you will be full.”


Two exceedingly happy grandmothers!!

Two exceedingly happy grandmothers!!



Welcome, baby George! Hopefully there will be many other lucky grandchildren who share in the delights Lena offers in her book.


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