Dario with Dario



Dario promoting Douglas Gayeton's portrait of Dario- JPG

Douglas Gayeton's portrait of Dario Cecchini (also made famous in Bill Buford's HEAT) sold at a Marin Organic aucti



On Sunday, October 26th Marin Organic held an auction in Sausalito. Lena couldn’t be there, but we loved the description from Adrienne Baumann from Marin: 

“The auction of Douglas photo of Dario turned into a 20-minute moving and comical sketch as guests continued to add their own donations to the image to give the “package” more value.  First, Kim and Dario added a dinner at their restaurant in Panzano and a butchering class at the Macelleria, the Cavallo Point added a weekend at the Lodge with dinner, a spa treatment and cooking classes included, then Dan of Clark Summit added a suckling pig, Alice Waters added a dinner for two in the kitchen of Chez Panisse, Drakes Bay added a tour and tasting at their oyster farm, Sue and Peggy Smith of Cowgirl added three months of artisan cheese delivered to your door, and on and on until the entire package sold for $15,000! “


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