Procrastination Breeds Author Donald Friendman’s Clever “You’re My Dawg, Dog” Book. In Stores Today. Fetch!

YMDD_Cover_72 My new book, You’re My Dawg, Dog: A Lexicon of Dog Terms for People ($12.95, Welcome Books), is more good news for my fellow procrastinators.

As John Perry explained in his guilt-relieving guide to avoiding work, the key is to do something productive while not doing what you’re supposed to be doing, an important skill in this dog-eat-dog world.


“Horn Dog”

Of course, like all right action, it’s easier done in contemplation. You’re My Dawg only happened after there wasn’t any more laundry to do, I couldn’t stand looking at my beaten up investments one more time, had forbidden myself the Internet, and I realized the people I wanted to waste time with on the phone have lives. What I was so diligently not doing was completing my now-finished new novel, Corrupted Humours. During the dog days I started taking long walks in the woods where it was cooler and where I could pretend I was working out issues of plot and character, and usually ended up thinking about neglected chores or my bad investments, but one day started making lists of dog terms in my head. Continue reading


Did He (or She) Propose on Valentine’s Day? You’re Gonna Need These…

BB-BBOL_for_blogMarsha_Heckman-72Revised and updated A Bride’s Book of Lists: Everything You Need to Plan the Perfect Wedding, by floral designer and wedding planner Marsha Heckman is out now, just in time for the Spring/Summer wedding season. It is the companion book to the best-selling, sanity-saving, and reassuringly practical A Bride’s Book: An Organizer, Journal, and Keepsake for the Year of the Wedding, which is beautifully illustrated with photos of Heckman’s gorgeous bridal bouquets. A few sample pages from A Bride’s Book of Lists, after the jump: Contents, Timing, When To Marry, By The Numbers. Start planning–or dreaming! And, if they’re in order: Congratulations! Continue reading

While You Anticipate “You’re My Dawg, Dog” Book, Check Out 7-year Old Ava’s “He’s My Dog” Video. Sweet!

In anticipation of the February 26 release of You’re My Dawg, Dog–our funny, illustrated book of dog terms–we thought you might like this sweet video. You’re My Dawg, Dog author, Don Friedman” says, “Seven year old Ava Hudak sings about her dawg dog—expressing what all dog owners feel. Prepare to be charmed!” We think it’s very “Dawg” ;-) See the You’re My Dawg, Dog trailer video here.