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  1. My name is Steve Paradiso, Video Producer with Michigan Farm Bureau. Back in 2008, I produced a video about Paul Mobley, author of American Farmer. I believe I got the video file to Katrina Fried at Welcome Books but not sure. You folks then uploaded it to You Tube at

    And so I’m writing to see if possibly someone still has that video file stored somewhere. Due to a hard drive failure some time ago, I no longer have it, or the raw footage. In the video is a segment about the Veliquette twins, Dean and Gene. Gene died suddenly last year, and I’m now producing a video about them for an award Gene will receive posthumously. I’d like to include the footage of them together in the new video. Though I could grab the footage from You Tube, the quality isn’t what I’d like it to be.

    Thank you –

    Steve Paradiso
    Video Producer
    MI Farm Bureau

  2. Hey I got a book an everything is printed upside down it’s a Disney book The Lion King special edition The Journey

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