While You Anticipate “You’re My Dawg, Dog” Book, Check Out 7-year Old Ava’s “He’s My Dog” Video. Sweet!

In anticipation of the February 26 release of You’re My Dawg, Dog–our funny, illustrated book of dog terms–we thought you might like this sweet video. You’re My Dawg, Dog author, Don Friedman” says, “Seven year old Ava Hudak sings about her dawg dog—expressing what all dog owners feel. Prepare to be charmed!” We think it’s very “Dawg” ;-) See the You’re My Dawg, Dog trailer video here.


“You’re My Dawg, Dog” Book Video Trailer

You’re My Dawg, Dog: a Lexicon of Dog Terms for People is the clever and charmingly illustrated 84-page book that every one of the 78 million pet dogs in this country will want to get for his person! On a single page you will find quotes from Shakespeare and Rihanna, Pre-Socratic philosophers, Black Sabbath and the NASDAQ.