A Taste of Eataly

Eataly, a new gourmet Italian market, opened up today a few blocks from Welcome Books’ office. We took a stroll over to see what delicacies were available, what snacks were to be had, and if Mike Bloomberg was still there, stuffing his face with pizza!

Lets begin: The entrance is on the scale of the Coliseum or the Vatican…

This is a monumental grocery trip…

Genevieve demonstrates how to use the futuristic grocery baskets. It doesn’t exactly scream out “rustic italian market,” but is definitely ergonomic and lightweight.

There is a lovely produce section… though you’ll forget about all this green stuff once you move into the rest of the store — literally mountains of meat, cheese, and pasta EVERYWHERE!

We’ve done a lot of work with butchers, but I’ve yet to hear of a “veggie butcher.” Apparently, there is a “veggie butcher” here! He preps your veggies, which is good if you become squeamish about chopping up baby bell peppers.

Anyway. Lets get to the meat of it.

Books! A great little selection of all the newest and prettiest cookbooks and food literature out today. Hey, whats that down there?

There is so much Italian beer that you have never heard of. Forgive me, I forgot to check the wine aisle, but I’m a beer guy.

Check the pasta aisle(s). So. Much. Pasta.

…seriously. And it looks amazing. Hand made…fresh…

…after a taste of the Gelato we pushed passed the swarms of press and foodies, and headed back to the office. Ciao Eataly!

—Zach Hewitt, Welcome illustrator